Monday, December 13, 2004

Pronouncing my name

To the two people that found my site with "how to pronounce hieu",

Say the word "hill" but without the "L's". In other words, say "hill" without letting your tongue touch the roof of your mouth.

Sometimes it's just easier to say, "Hieu... like Hugh as in Heffner, Downs, and Grant".

To the two people that found my site with "boobie goo"

That's just gross.


Sam said...

what the hell is boob goo? is this something i should watch out for in the future?

Tygriss said...

After a few seconds of research, the only "Boobie Goo" I found is someone's screename - kinda like ScoobyDoo, but more... odd.

Anonymous said...

I would never have guessed the correct pronunciation of your name. After viewing the title of your blog, "Hieu-morous Stuff," I was convinced it was pronounced like "hue," but alas, I am wrong. Thanks for enlightening me. ;o)

And now I find out that Pho rhymes with "huh!" I naively thought it was pronounced like "foe."

My head is still spinning! LOL


Tygriss said...

Pho' *does* rhyme with "huh"... I never thought to explain it that way :-) good one!

Just about everyone says my name like 'hue' - as in color... although I also answer to 'hoo ?' and 'uhhh-i'm not sure how to say this' :-D

Anonymous said...

Is the financial association (Hieu) pronounce the same as your name? I assume you are Vietnemese(?)


P.S. Luv your site!

Tygriss said...

Hi Dirk!!
I've not heard of a Hieu (financial). I'm sure it's probably pronounced the same way, because they must be cool like me :-)

I'm glad you like my site!! Thanks for visiting!

Anonymous said...

Question: yes, found your site by asking "how do you pronounce the name "hieu"... actually, have a friend by that name ("hugh") but also introduced to a 'whee'... got impression spelled same way...? Is it? I think that's the pronouciation..."whee"....???

Tygriss said...

"whee" is probably spelled Hue, in which case, it can be pronounced whee, but i've heard it pronounced "whey" - curd and whey (what does that remind me of?), or "hue" as in color.