Sunday, December 12, 2004

Princess BaddAss

"Hey sweetie! Going solo tonight?"

I smile and nodded, hoping no one else heard. The line was long with all those high-fashion girlies and their sheer asymetrical garb and glitter covered faces giggling their way through with fake id's.

"Here give me your wrist."

He lifts up my hand and secures the neon orange and white band on my wrist. He unhooks the elastic railing and lets me through with a big hug. "Have fun tonight!"

Instant bad-ass-ness.

The giggly girls look over, glossy lips agape, shocked, and I could hear them gasping with their "nuh-uh's!" and "oh, no way's". No cover for me. No soup for you. Not a bad way to start a night.

Met up with my friends as we were celebrating the end of a crazy semester with other craziness like requesting Vanilla Ice from the DJ, shots, dancing on bar tops, and dancing with surgeon assistants we've never met before. Good stuff.

And you can't end a crazy night without a crazy 2:30am phone call.

"You won't belieeeeeve what just happened?!"

It's past two, there's giggling on the other end, I'm not quite sure what to think.

"I got kicked out for being a Bad Boy in the restroom at Charlie's!"

I listened as the juicy details were spouted over the phone with the occassional "Oh, I'm soo bad, soo bad". I miss my friends back home. I crawled into bed before 3am for once. Slept well, and have never felt better hitting the books.

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