Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pho Sho'

On our way back from West Hollywood on La Cienega Blvd, we came across "Absolutely Phobulous". Funny thing, I can't find it in losangeles.citysearch.com. But it *does* exist! I took the picture! California peoples, tell me I'm not crazy...

I *love* Pho.

Usually these Pho places have names with numbers (Pho #) like Pho 95 and Pho 99 (there's one of each in Arlington, TX and they're not that far away from each other). One has to wonder if it's an asian thing. Most of pho places are 88 "B+" and above, all the way up to Pho 999 "A++". The lowest I've seen is Pho 75. Nothing below a "C" average.

There's also a "What the Pho" on 10680 8th N.E. St. in Bellevue, Washington. And someone sent me a cute photoshop of a "Pho Shizzle" resturant :-)

**edit: And Chris reminded me, there's a "Pho King" in Seaside, California

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Anonymous said...

350 North La Cienega Blvd, WH 90048 310-360-3930

Tygriss said...

Thank you, Anonymous, thank you!

Andrew said...

Yes you are correct... AbPho for short, is a tiny little Pho restaurant on La Cienega Blvd, about a block north of Beverly. It opened around July/August of 2004 and has been doing great ever since. Its the only Pho restaurant that I know of in the West Hollywood area. The restaurant is owned in part by the CEO of my company (he has 5 companies, Pho being one of them). Unfortunately they have not created a website for this location yet, but hopefully that will happen soon. Its a great place, the other partner, Eric Lu, is the one who actually operates the business with his mother, father and sister. It differs from the other Pho places I've seen in that they actually have a very plesant and modern dining area, the food is fresh and tasty and you can find people in there from 11am-2am. They use to be opened until 4am to cater to the club goers, but they've recently shortned their hours. I'd reccommend it to anyone who happens to be near and craving for some delicious vietnamese food. aside from the traditional Pho they also serve a multitude of vietnamese dishes. And it's really a great value! Two people can eat dinner there for under $20!

Tygriss said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing, Andrew! I get a lot of hits from people looking up specifically Absolutely Phobulous or pho on La Cienega.

So there you go folks! It exists, it's inexpensive, and exceLLent!

((If anyone has an extra air ticket, *I'd* like to go try it out!))

Andrew said...

update.... they now have a website up and running, it can be reached at www.abpho.com :)


webjoe said...

Absolutely Phobulous on Citysearch:
Citysearch Link

When I think of Pho, I usually think cheap, economical, and filling food - AbPho isn't the cheapest, nor are the portions huge - but they are close to where I work and they deliver! Definitely worth a visit or a call.

Anonymous said...

When I heard there was a Pho resturaunt in West Los Angeles, I jumped out of my seat and ran straight to it! The food there is the best of it's kind! I've eaten everywhere from Hollywood to Ventura and AbPho is my favorite place to eat! The prices are great! Really....where can you go in West Los Angeles and have a gourmet meal for less than $10.00? IF you're in a rush, this is the place to go. One time, I got seated, ordered, and went to the restroom to wash my hands. By the time I got back to my seat, my whole order was ready for me on the table. Talk about fast service!! AbPho gets an "A" in my book and would recommend anyone to try the "AbPho Experience"

Anonymous said...

Abpho is on Cityseach now! LOL