Wednesday, December 8, 2004

I know better..

..than to see crazy scary movies like TheGrudge so late at night. Eeeeeek! An excellent scary movie. Kracker was kind enough to go with me, but now I'm too skeered to sleep. So I'm going to 'sleep' leaving WinAmp to play my 50+ gigs of music and all the lights on in the apartment and cell phone in my hand.


Sam said...

when i saw Ju-on (the japanese movie that The Grudge is based on) i was freaked out too. slept with all my lights on. how was this one on Plot? Ju-on was sort of stealth-scary but the plot was incredibly disjointed and confusing... i still don't understand the ending of it. all i know is to not go into that damn house.

here is the post i made about it on my old livejournal a couple months ago.

Tygriss said...

From the way you described Ju-On, theGrudge's plot is a whole lot easier to follow. Still very PulpFiction-ish :-), but yeah I'm not going into *any* old houses anytime soon.