Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Here's a quarter....

"Hi, is this ... Hieu?"

"Sure. Who's this?"

"This is [name]! I need your help in Thermodynamics, specifically with heat exchangers."

"Do I know you?"


"Umm, okay, and your test is when?" This is finals week....

"Tomorrow at 10am."

Being that I just took my last final for the year and *really* don't want to open a book, I kindly let him know I'd consider it, but it wasn't going to be likely. Professors get paid to entertain questions 8 hours a day. Me, not so much. Now I'm going to wonder if my phone number is scribbled in a stall with "need thermo help call: xxx-xxx-xxxx". Could be worse.

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Anonymous said...

This is Chris... I'm just too lazy to sign up. haha Hmm... thinkin about your hint kinda led me here... haha jk. ^^ Hey I like your page! It's pretty nice. =) Not too complicated... hehe. Well, cya on Facebook! =) And maybe in person sometime too... haha. BAi~