Monday, November 22, 2004


Wiggers - see definitions 3 & 7.

I was flipping through my Facebook and found one. I was amused to find that he’s a conservative, deer huntin’, white male who identifies himself with his hometown area code, 713. He even hates on those with the newer area code, 281. Who knew area codes were just soo defining?! I was even more impressed his entry for ‘hometown’: H-Town (N*Word) representing the 713 since 1984.

This country music lovin DDR playin wigger took the time to spell out “representing”. Shouldn’t it have been “represen-en” or some derivative thereof?

Heee, yeah. He can't truely be thinkin he thuggin. Besides, we all know the 817 and 21fo' peeps kicks everyone else's asses.

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