Sunday, November 7, 2004

Procrastination ...or Words People Should Stop Using

I'm working on my Thermal Fluids Lab Report, so as I take a break I will share with you all a conversation from earlier today... edited for your amusement.

SM: An away message: "in and of itself, nothing really matters. what matters is that nothing is ever 'in and of itself'". My Response: What matters is not that nothing is ever "in and of itself," but when nothing is "in and of itself". That this is ever the case remains to be shown.

at this point, i'm feeling folds creating themselves in my grey matter....

On second thought, if and when nothing is the matter, we propose either that nothing has weight and occupies space, or more interestingly, that matter is nothing. Of course, we could entertain the amusing possibility that nothing does have weight and occupy space and the matter is nothing--in which case everything would be vacuous, including this lengthy meandering.

Me: I've always disliked that phrase "in and of itself" it bothered me and I never knew why. It's like that word "segway" and when people use it in a sentence. "I'm going to segway into something else"... I want to say no, no you're not. You're not going to segway, you're going to change the subject. Segway is like Nutmeg.

Or Legume.

Nutmeg, people put in the oddest of recipes. Honestly, if you didn't have it, you wouldn't miss it. Like the word segway, you don't need it.

And Legume. It sounds funny, like segway. Just say nut. Because it really is just a nut. Really, it is... Sure you can be technical, but if you're going to do that, use the scientific name, at least it would be acceptable nerdism.

Legume = Vericose Veins. Or it should. It involves the word "leg" and "ume" - as in "exhume" - which is a word that involves dead ugliness in it, not unlike vericose veins.

I realize that segway is actually spelled s-e-g-u-e. But see, there's that g-u-e combination again. I can only deal with so many in one post at a time.


And so ends another episode of Hieuy wordage issues. It's going to be a short week as I count down to the much anticipated trip to Anahiem and the 2004 IMECE. I'll try to post a little bit everyday, perhaps entertain you all with stories from my childhood or tidbits on people I know. We'll see.

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