Saturday, November 27, 2004

No hidden cameras, folks.

For once, a holiday at home wasn't bad. There was very little if any stress. Lots of sleeping, good food, the occassional nutty kid with bad eating habits, but otherwise: uneventful. I got most of one of three papers done. *yeaa!* There was even an American wedding to attend which result in me taking home two additional dresses and pretty jewelry. I swear, I'll never be too old to play dress up!

I guess the only eventful thing was the gas station attendant accusing me of gasing and dashing. All I look for when I'm pumping gas is decent octane, decent price, and a card swiper. Card swipers help me avoid going inside and being accosted by icky men and other people's children. Anyway, I digress. So I pull up to this nice Chevron on the side of a major freeway. I pull the brakes, open the tank slip out my debit card and head towards the swiper thingy. There's a little sign covering the swiper thingy that reads "out of order". CRAP, get back into my car, swing around the hot guy filling up his huge truck and park on the otherside of the building at an open pump. I pull the brakes again and get out when the gas attendant comes up and says, "You owe me $5 on that other pump."

"Excuse me?"

"You pumped $5 worth and didn't pay"

"Uh.. no I didn't"

"Yes you did"

"I couldn't have, the card swipey thing is "OUT OF ORDER""

"Your gas tank door is open"

"That's because I was going to... Dood, seriously, where's the camera?"

"No. I saw you and your car, you pumped, you need to pay"

"Come with me. Now." I pull him through the little convient store to the otherside where hot guy is still filling up his truck.

"Hey, do me a favor and tell this guy I never pumped any gas into my car"

"Yeah, she didn't. Seriously." Hot guys tend to rock like that.

Gas attendant looks at me and shrugs his shoulders and says someone has to pay for the gas.

"Not me, man. Sorry."

So I go back, finish pumping some premium goodness when gas attendant man comes out again.

"Yeah, so there were these kids in this truck that was there before you... and they didn't pay. But they came back and paid." PunkA$$ kids getting me in trouble. Some people's children.

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