Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Jesus Look and other funny stories from the past 36 hours

The lack of the meaty updates is a result of me participating in a lotta CYA action. The little “hour” squares in the datebook of my Clie are packed with a play by play of my project filled day. Sigh.

And so today I share with you some funny clippettes from this past week.

The Jesus Look. Rachel and I did some much needed shopping the day before our big Banquet when we had this “What’s with the Jesus Look?” discussion. How did wispy, patchy, multi-directional facial hair growth become in vogue? Seriously. It’s disgusting. Facial hair is unattractive unless it’s trimmed and kept clean of falling debris - read: crumbs. Lately, it’s been the trend that these pimply pubescent teens try to grow these hideous cheek-shielding throat-warming facial mullets. Some of them have never shaved before and so it’s not even rugged manly stubble – it’s baby hair. Some of these “beards” are soo thin, you can see the multiple cowlicks as it crawls across and down their poptart eating faces. To all you Jesus-Lookin peoples, be warned, I just might hand you a disposable Gillette with a red bow this Christmas.

Red Lights. I’ve always been amused when I’m riding with a guy and we’re talking and he forgets his turn or where he’s going. Especially when he tells me it’s because he finds me distracting in a good way. It’s more of an adventurous event when I’m riding with Rachel. We end up talking about boys and cars and toys when we run a red light and there’s this huge black truck deciding that hey, it’s green, I’m gonna go even though this chick with a huge Christmas Tree in her back seat doesn’t look like she’s stopping. And it came *<--this close-->* to the car. Okay, more like a foot. But I’m telling the story, so it was mere inches! We’re okay, the tree’s okay, and that was that.

The Date. Oh this tree and the Banquet, got to tell you about that. We had this Winter Banquet that we’ve been planning for months now – hence the need to relocate a tree to the Banquet site. It got hairy at times and we were running crazy low on funds, time and staff, but we pulled it off. Of course it didn’t happen without some humorous high points. Like JR soliciting dates for me. *Sigh* Like I need a date. Much less could tolerate someone acting in “date” capacity on a night when I was in NotHavingTheTimeToEntertainYou™ mode. This “date” even had the nerve to NOT purchase a much-needed-to-be-paid-for ticket and waltzed in with the “I’m with Hieu” line. No dear, you weren’t with me. Freeloader.

After Banquet time was spent purchasing alcohol and watching engineers trying to spell out names of common items such as “pencil”, “numchucks”, and “exclamation point” from an 80’s Nintendo game.

I survived the week. I hope everyone else did, too. Next week: TheHolidays. Man, they really sneak up on your don’t they?

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