Monday, November 8, 2004


The U2 iPod it's like a dream come true!! My favoritest ever band, and my favoritest ever toys, not to mention my school colors, all in one handy, really expensive package!!! Somewhere on the FruitCompany Campus is a styrofoam cup that says "Hieuy's iPod Fund". To all the FruitMonkeys, please, start donating.....


Sam said...

The U2 iPod isn't that sweet.
its best features are the colors and the improved battery life.
its 50 bucks more than the normal ipods, but you get 50 dollars of U2 songs you can downlaod from the music store.
the color screen ipods are much cooler, if not as cool as the photoshopped ads make them look

Tygriss said...

Com'mon Sam, stop bursting my bubble. It's my school colors :-) I like it!