Sunday, November 28, 2004

2004 IMECE

The Pictures (650+) are finally up from the 2004 IMECE Anaheim Trip. Many gracious thanks to Will, DanyInMyPants, Jeremy and Graham for contributing.

Long post short:

Nov. 12-16, 2004 - Anaheim, CA.

Graham and I flew SWA from Lubbock to LAX for the 2004 Congress. I went as the RegionX SSC Representative and Graham went on behalf of Texas Tech and the IPTI Collegiate Council. After the long days of meetings, technical sessions, forums, and the EXPO, we did some site seeing. Highlights of the site seeing were the In-and-Out burger joint, Rodeo Drive, Jay Leno, Hollywood, West Coast Choppers, the numerous DelTaco joints with their DelScorchoSauce, and clubbing in Fullerton.

It was great to see all the SSC guys again & the IPTI CC guys and Thomas from last years council! And it was awesome to meet some new peoplage: Will and Maurice.

Thanks go out to: The SSC guys for being supportive and working diligently for the future of SSC. Also to the IPTI guys for your presence a the SSC meeting. Many thanks to Mikey for helping out with the rental car ugliness. Many more thanks to Ryan for navigating from the backseat. Many many more thanks to Graham for driving, carrying my luggage, and putting up with me.

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