Monday, November 29, 2004

The 2004 'Things I Am Thankful For' List

  • Surviving 3 trips to the ER
  • Driving a bright yellow Porsche GT3… more than once… and really really fast!
  • Driving a WRX… (only once… and a lot slower!)
  • Me in red hair, going to a concert with a guy with blue hair in a WRX.

  • Sushi in 4 different cities
  • Calling out my own number for a table because I was hungry and tired of waiting, and trying weird animal feet at DimSum
  • Purple Grottos at 3am

  • Autocrossing
  • Having friends like mine
  • Summer Internship with a kick ass roommate and awesome employer
  • My digital camera
  • Mom shopping for a Kiwi Green Honda Scooter
  • Knowing my little brother dissects brains and will find cures for bad things

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