Monday, November 1, 2004

10/31 in review

Nothing could compare to Halloween in Austin on 6th Street... But there isn't one evening on 6th Street that could compare to the over extended party that was this weekend. Ah yes.. It all started Thursday night as I was craming for a major exam and ended sometime Sunday afternoon. Running down a short list of the lessons learned and the random good stuff:

  1. You really can't get as drunk on days 2 & 3 & 4 as you do on day 1.
  2. Do not fall asleep in a room full of drunk people, especially if they're your friends - here's why

    1. Antiqueing
    2. Tea bagging
    3. The big penis that'll be drawn on your back with a Sharpie
    4. They have camera phones.. that take video.

  3. Jeremy would like to throw.. anything.. across the back of a couch and do it.
  4. Jeremy likes to have his ass grabbed.
  5. Amusement is watching a whiteboy C-walk. Oh yeah - a whiteboy.

  6. Miss V makes a hot french maid and Miss B makes a hot nun.
  7. Thier dog can out wheeze a 60 yr old two-pack-a-day smoker.

  8. Arby's is open 24 hours.
  9. Not having to paying cover - always good.
I myself went as a race girl. The costume purchased from Fredericks with fishnets from VS. And I was pretty damn hot! No, sorry no pictures... Certain things should be left off film.

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