Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Warmest of Fuzzies

On the way home today, I had one of those deep thought moments thinking about my friends and how much I love them.

Real friends, like the ones that sit up with you until dawn the next day while you’re crying about that guy who spent your money but for some reason you love him anyway. The friends that spot you $20 just to spot you a $20. Or how about the ones that take you out to buy you a Marilyn Monroe dress and then take you out on a blind date at the Cheesecake Factory to remind you how pretty you are. Friends that will treat your new friends like family and feed them well. Friends that will let you poke at their belly and giggle. And friends that will share with you the secret of TheCrackLemonade™. They never forget your birthday even if you haven’t seen them in 4 years. They don’t give you JewishGrandmotherGuiltTrips™ when you don’t call for a month. They listen when you talk, and when you see them again after a long time – it’s like you were never gone.

Everyone should have friends like these :-D


Anonymous said...


And we just thought we were the peanut gallery in H-town.


Tygriss said...

You guys are totally not the Peanut Gallery. You guys are my friends. Even if a certain someone decides she may want pimp a phat pink mary kay ride... There's love...