Sunday, October 3, 2004

Sit down, we need to talk...

** I wrote this for a someone, not everyone, but i posted it anyway. Letting it out some how makes it all better**

Sometimes things just don't work out the way we think they should. Simple. One day we've found a new best friend, weeks later it turns out it was purely out of convenience.

I admit that I have a huge flaw that perpetuates the above. Inside of the harsh exterior I'm often accused of, I have a heart that I inherited from my mother as she did from hers. One that loves unconditionally. One that will, under any cirumstance will stand behind, push forward, and lift up above whenever needed. It is also one that is easily stepped on, tossed aside and ignored whevenever it's usefullness has ceased.

Disrespect and un-appreciation are no strangers to me. I have learned to recognize them from a distance and to avoid them. As a human being, I should not have to spend idle hours entertaining their negativity. I value myself much more than that.

In my attempts to avoid said negativity, we have discussed this thrice. The third, in its charm, revealed the truth and I have have no more forgiveness to offer. And so it is with little regret that I resign my post as a friend. I can no longer wholeheartedly fulfill my duties as a friend of yours. I wish you well.

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