Monday, October 18, 2004


This'll get it's own post.. but until then, enjoy the Tequila Sneeze story and pictures. It was a good weekend w/ theDanza, K-State kids, and SakiBombs.


So this is like a week late.. But I'll post here anyway. NAESC was at A&M this year. Which wasn't so bad after all except that I flew in. And when I say flew, I mean was tossed around in a metal hackey sack with propellers. I made fun of the Lubbock Int'l Airport, but wow, the CollegeStation Airport is pretty small. And when I say small, I mean like a children's library "small". At most it would hold two of these crop dusters.

The conference was excellent, I got to meet with other councils - big, small, new, etc... I learned a lot about what they do events wise. It was refreshing to know that other campuses have student bodies that aren't as apathetic as Tech's.

I had awesome roomates this year, Amy and Kim from K-State. I also had some great food thanks to Aaron who suggested McAllisters and Aaron who hooked me up with some excellent sushi. BTW, sushi @ Kyoto in College Station is the best sushi with even better prices than anywhere I've been!

Sometime else during the weekend, I picked up this horrible cold from Amy, got elected to a regional office, met some fun people, carried two 30pks of Keystone, got a bruise on my leg from the bed of a truck, and made fun of UT girls in tasteless Gucci cheekshield sunglasses. On a small sour note, I lost all shreds of respect for the travel buddy who in the midst of wisdom alluded me as to reason for theWierdness I've mentioned to most of you before... apparently I'm old. (LOL!)

I came back with a snazzy new t-shirt that's not absolutely huge, lots of career fair toys, and a great picture of me in a cowboy hat. Ohh yeah. Good stuff! So that was that folks!

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