Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

I'm typing away at a long over due letter and the phone starts chiming Ode to Joy.. it's Dad.

"Hi Dad!"

"Hi Hieu, it's raining really hard outside and I'm driving home."

Why my dad calls to tell me he's driving home in pouring down rain, I dunno. But he does this a lot, I think - really - it's just for the added drama. He wants to know how school's going, and how's my health - while he's driving in the rain. Makes me wonder if he's trying out for Fear Factor - Obsessive Parent's Edition. If he really wanted to know, he'd ask... sitting down in the confines of home. So I answer and change the subject.

"Happy Birthday, Dad!"

"Huh, what? Really? Oh yeaaaah!"

My dad's funny that way. He remembers our birthday and not his own. He remembers to call and tell us embarassing stories about ourselves like when I was 5 and I was constipated and a chopstick was involved. Yeah. Like that.


Anonymous said...

Oh, you SO didn't have to share... And here I was enjoying a nice bag of animal crackers for an afternoon snack.

-A in H-Town (Where its currently raining cats and dogs... By the way, how are you? :)

Tygriss said...

I'm good! No rain, just hellatious amounts of wind roaring by... Feels like i'm walking in a sand blaster.