Thursday, October 21, 2004


There's nothing like a long ass walk to ones car - past sundown - when mosquitos the size of baby mice land on your neck and arms bite and leave horrid welts of itchiness. To make it even more special, my poor car was surrounded by ya-loos and their Winnebagos and yellow twine. They don't bother to think, hey maybe kids need to go to class t'marra - maybe we shouldn't park here. But no. It's the American way - slightly thoughtless and well, just plain annoying. Nothing says they can't park in that lot, so by golly they will.

Speaking of the American way.... so in one of the blogs I regularly read, a young American responds to a well written light hearted political article with this:

Well it's all good and well to hang on to our childish ideas of patriotism but when it comes right down to logic, what good does it do to vote for the libertarian candidate? i too find myself swinging into the libertarian pool. But more then that I find that I don't want to throw away my vote to a third candidate when the race is really only between the first and the second. More votes on the libertarian ticket won't awaken the party to a new national status of respect.

Well I think it's pretty childish to whittle this country's political process down to simple "a therefore b" type logic. I wonder if this young lady realizes how lucky she is to be given the opportunity of a choice in her country's leader - a real choice. But no. It's all part of that American mentality - aversion to common sense. I don't think she understands that it's her action of choosing a popular candidate over the one she'd rather vote for is contributing to her libertarian ticket not reaching that "status of respect". She's not giving it any respect. See to her, there's no real value in having her own choice. She'd rather buy Prada cause everyone else does - individuality means nothing. The freedom of choice. That freedom. Nothing. These kids who are born here and whose only suffering is some silly gradeschool heartbreak are spoiled and don't realize that what they have. And it angers me that they belittle something so precious as a vote.

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