Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Galveston Post

This weekend (Thursday - Sunday) started my 2nd term with the IPTI. Last year I was on the Collegiate Council, this year I served as their Intern. Just like last year we got to stay at Galveston's numero uno resort, the San Luis.

This year the Collegiate Council was tasked with completing the website that was started by last year's council and to put together a nice power point we can all use to help promote membership in the organization. The Council spent the weekend learning about the Petroleum Industry and the ASME Petroleum Divison, now known as IPTI. The Friday meetings were more to familiarize the new Council with the organization and each other. The Saturday meetings were with guest speakers from industry who brought us all up to date on the current status of the Petroleum Industry and what lay ahead for us should we choose to work in the field. (Shameless plug here: Two of the speakers, one council member, and the intern - me, we're all from Tech. Tech rocks.) We got a lot accomplished while we were there and the projects will be done soon - we're keeping track of everything using asme's cop site.

Now for the fun stuff...

A few of us flew into InterContinental around 730 at night on Thursday. When our group all showed up, I got to drive us all in the snazztastic BabyBlueGrandCaravan through an ocean's worth of non-stop rain to Galveston. We had a little bit of culture shock all the way around. The Colorado boys, Matt and Ryan, were instantly amazed that people have the A/C on in the car at night in Texas. And, I was amazed with the column shifter and to learn that the little pedal on the left was a parking brake (crazy american cars)!!

The rain was horrible, but it made Valet parking all the more worth the $9/night. The rooms were absolutely spifftacular, with our own balconies, bathrobes, a gizzillion pillows per bed... and my roomate this year, Kara.. man she's awesome. Our room had a door that went to Chris's (from Arlington) room next door - that's one big party room. Dinner Thursday night was excellent - the $15 vouchers barely covered the entrees, but $6 for salmon and crab - toootally worth it!

Speakin of food.. I've never had soo much to eat.. well since my last trip to Galveston..... Dinner at Landry's consisted of a double decked appetizer, the crab feast (with a crab cooked a dozen different ways) - there's a picture of it in the photo album, and creme brullee...Breakfast was custom made omlettes... the lunches awesome too for hotel food. Now i'm back to ramen and salad in a bag. *sigh*

On our offtime we: went down the street to Kroger for the good stuff (Bass was on sale), drank at the swim up bar, hung out in a purple grotto, swam in the pool until the wee hours of the morning, drank some really good beer, sang karaoke (there are videos!), had my first apple martini, walked along the beach, watch the glass on the hotel doors fog up from the frigid air of the lobby and the humidity, and other things that don't need to be mentioned (like Elvis rolling over in his Grave, Whitney's ears burning, and.. oh yeah, i wasn't going to mention those.)

Things i learned: Hotel lobby's coldness wins over the heated pool/hottub - one will catch a cold. If one is going to plan a wedding at such a swank spot, rent out the whole damn place - there's nothing worse than having drunk college kids belt out tunes with a karaoke machine during your reception. All this talk about stepping up notches...we still took beer home :-)

On a very special note, my little brother came down to see me and I got to hang out at his pad for a bit and play with the Bowski. Very cool to have a brother who knows how to decorate and where to find cheap beer.

J&A came down to G-Town to hang out too!! They be lookin all fine and swank with their bad selves!! Reminding me of theDays and my honorary memebership in the IBLL. Good stuff.

Coming in November a couple of these guys - Ryan and Jeremy - will be joining me - and Danielle, Julie, Brian and the others SSC's - in Anaheim for Congress!! I can't wait! Imagine.. SAM ppl + RSLS ppl + IPTI CC ppl + Congress = MassiveBaddAssness!!

To Kara, Evelyn, Jillian, Alicia, Chris, Rohit, Matt, Ryan, Keith, Ryan, Jeremy, & Gustavo, it was great meeting you guys! You all made it one of the best weekends EVER!! I'll see you all again soon!!

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