Tuesday, October 19, 2004

4:20 am and what are you doin...

So, I was about to crash when i get a message.. and it went like this:

BM(4:12:34 AM): so you will never guess what just happened as i was trying to go to bed

Tygriss (4:12:44 AM): you got bit?

BM(4:12:56 AM): lol, not exactly :-)

BM(4:12:56 AM): so i just closed my laptop and this guy starts banging on my window

BM(4:13:50 AM): so i opened the blinds to see a guy looking all freaked out and yelling that someone is trying to kill him and to let him in

BM(4:14:34 AM): so i grab my gun and let him in. i then talk to the 911 operator on his phone and i have 2 cops on my front deck now talking with him

BM (4:15:14 AM): and when i let him in he just goes right to the floor and yells at me to get down

BM (4:15:59 AM): then he hides behind my couch, and then eventually on my stairs

Tygriss(4:16:19 AM): was anybody really after him

Tygriss(4:16:27 AM): or was it a crackedout fiend?

BM (4:16:35 AM): i didnt see anyone when i looked out side

BM (4:17:04 AM): he seemed like he was on crack, but he told the cops he hadnt taken anything

BM(4:17:28 AM): last time i checked he was with the cops right in front of my place

And this is why we don't answer our windows at 4 am...

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