Saturday, September 4, 2004

Technology Goodness

Running around with my skoo' mates this extra long weekend, I was graciously exposed to this wonderful little gadget.... the iRiver iHP120. Very cool. Not only is it an MP3 (and other file type player), it also plugs in like a regular usb drive without extra software - the iPlod can't do that! Makes one wonder if iRiver came from iPod and River=Rio, both very popular mp3 players. I may have to add this to my collection of techno-goodness anyway. And yes, Mark, I add -ness to a lot of my words, live with it. I also discovered this other gadget, the iRock, this thing lets you hear your mp3 player through your car's FM radio - I didn't know this little guy existed. I couldn't find it ofcourse - I'm located in a place where I had to run around for 3 hours finding a hot spot to login. I bought a similar iRock like thing at Best Buy but it isn't as pretty. All kinds of good fun stuff out there. 10 more months, and I get to buy these things, cause I'll hopefully have a job by then!

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