Wednesday, September 8, 2004

(+) Stuff

ssssh.. it's a secret.. i have a SecretCrush, we'll just call him SC. *giggle*.

Sending shout outs to all my Patricks out there. You know who you guys are. I (heart) you little boys!! To baby Nyela, be good to your daddy!

To my Piglette, there are good guys out there, they're just not where you are. They're not where I am either, so it's not like I know where they are - I know they're not here.


To the peeps that work for me in my orgs, thank you soo much for doing your part to make school not such a bad place to be.

To those of you who suck a$s, you know who you are, cause I've told you so, thank you for making everyone else look like a badd ass.

Good night!

exit stage left

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