Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Real World My ASS

In the laboratory class I attend, we're assigned to groups with members not of our own choosing. This is to simulate a typical project-type work environment... In the RealWorld(TM).

I can say with full confidence, some of these people would not be working in any company where I would be working. In the freak event that they would be, I would quit, pull out my holdings and run.

So simple is the task of breaking down a 25 page report into 5 simple sections that one would think, "wow, this is all I have to do? great! let me make it shine!" Sadly, out of 5 pages of information one person had to provide, only 42 words were readable in their original arrangement and every piece of graphical information had to be redone. In the end, this section was completely useless as it was done haphazardly by someone who would better serve the world washing windshields.

The result being that I spent over 10 hours the last two nights trying to "fix" the problem when I gave up. Thankfully the rest of my lab group was blessed with more than 5 grams of grey matter.

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