Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Observations in Bminor

This afternoon, I was walking hurridly across the walkway along the new SBC Stadium when I noticed a man-hole with "SEWER" stamped across it. Well what do you know, the Stadium has it's own sewer system. And then I thought, well eww, that's like one huge septic tank underneath all of this grass I'm walking by... Then I thought, as I sloshed through the stangant pond of muck on the way to my car, it smells like sewer, and I'm probably walking in it, eww.

I've learned vicariously through another student that our campus administration is full of rat's asses that do little more than poop pellets of carcinogenic b.s. Thankfully I'm out soon.

Some people's children will do and say every and anything to get out of a few feet of leg work. These same people's children will also drop any and everything to take part in a talent show. In the entertaining event that you call them on it, you'll get called names and they'll stomp off slaming the door behind them.

Friends will do crazy things like drive from Brownsville up to Buttocks to visit you and bring you comfy blankets and buy you unhealthy dinners just to say, "Hey Bebe, I miss you!".

Friends also say thank you and give good hugs!

Women friend of men friends don't like other women friend of their men friends. The protective nature of some of these girls are beyond me.

There really are guys out there who have hearts...I know, I couldn't believe it myself.

Some guys when you meet them, are absolute dolls, and they're soo easy to fall in love with. But then they ruin it by taking the friendship for granted.

Fresh rain smells good early in the morning when it's cold out.

It's late and I must sleep. :-)

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