Tuesday, September 7, 2004

High School Buddies

I didn't keep in contact with any of the people I knew in high school. They just weren't that important to me. Maybe it's cause they all had drama filled lives and crazy dreams that made them just a tad more than annoying to me. Granted a small handfull of them turned out alright and better than they had hoped, but again - we weren't that close, and I really didn't care to keep in touch.

Point of this entry being that, doods, when you're my age, it'd be good to have atleast made an effort to make friends other than the ones you had in high school. That's what college was for! I really don't see the point in keeping your circle of friends and your view of the world soo small that the only people that count to you, you met in high school. Really people, get out there, meet someone, not everyone bites.

I acutally know people like this, I'm not their friend for obvious reasons - we didn't go to the same high school. But what's really frightening is the phone call I got last night that drew me a picture of what happens to them when they grow up. Think soap opera.

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