Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Dallas Recap

Drove up to bigD with McG and friend in tow. The annual Leadership Seminar was held at the Holi-Crap Inn by LoveField as usual, and this year I got to present. The presentation went well, and I may have actually done some good for those that stayed to watch me talk.

I know I did pleasantly well considering I sat in a room with 50mph arctic gusts breaking down my immune system. I definitely did well considering I was complimented on how well I stood up after the night of bad wine and crazy drinking games. With every trip, we learn a few valuable lessons. The lesson on this trip was: Don't trust a bottle from the hand of an Arkansas man. The Ark kids stole a bottle of vino from the display case in the Holi-Crap Inn lobby. Somehow they managed to remove the cork by pushing it through so that the cork floated in the "wine". By the grace of rednecks, the bottle made it to my hand and I took a swig. It apparently did bad, because for the 2nd time in my life, I threw up. The "wine" was more like engine cleaner and it did a very bad bad thing to my tummy. I remeber positioning myself on my bed so that if I did upchuck i wouldn't drown. It worked, and I survived to talk the next day. Some where in the drinking we met O-Scar, the guard and he talked to us about his "aSSociates". Another drunk kid tried to speak french to me while showing off my tattoo. A few others were surprized to learned that quarters is played by bouncing them off of people's asses in some of the more funner cities in Texas.

Saturday and Sunday were good, lots of good topics, couple of very bad topics and about 3.5 hours of life lost. There was this "Motivational Speaker" who prefered to be referred to as a sales man. He did a lot of yelling and pulling of emotional strings. I, on the other hand, day dreamed about the possibility of completing my design project before the semester was over so that hour wasn't a complete loss. Then there was talk of change and continuity. There was obvious continuity of the whining and the "don't really know where we're going", and it wasn't going to change anytime soon. It's something that has to be done, but much like my own local organization, things need to be done, but no one else really wants to step up to the plate and take some responsibility.

About that. My org this year is lucky in that it has two really excellent very talented and dedicated people who help out in every way possible. Two years ago I was really afraid it was only going to be me. But now I have two more me's. Thank you to the dieties that be that blessed this semester with some helping hands. Kudo's to McG and theManOfStrongWords for helping this year. If it weren't for them, I would quit...

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