Monday, August 30, 2004

Fuzzy Peaches

Right about now, I could use some fresh peaches to blend with my new Navy Rum.. yum yum yum! It's been all of about the low 80's today, and extremely beautifiul! Thankfully, since I had to park way out int he Boondocks of Buttocks. Some butt's are fuzzy like peaches too... on to better thoughts.

All the ORG stuff's been settled and should be smooth sailing for at least a week.

I found my class and could understand the proff today, also a good thing.

Figured out who my friends are, which is always good to know at the beginning of the year. Figured out who the haters and ingrates are. Needless to say this semester I'm not wasting my time on any of them anymore. I got tired of being nice only to be snubbed to my face. And that's that. Fuzzy peaches and rum. That's all I need right now... and here I go!

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