Saturday, August 28, 2004


I probably should elaborate on the recent hate level as it applies to men.

For one, I don't expect doors to be opened for me, but I do expect them to not come flying into my face because a guy decides I'm no longer behind him.

And, why do guys try so hard to pretend to be a friend when as little as a week later they forget I exist.

Oh how about this, I blew a huge chunk of change on a favor for one guy and all I get is a day full of "damn these pieces of shit suck". Forget that I carted the pieces of shit nearly clear cross 1/2 the's a big state.

And just because I show up to eat a salad and watch TV, it isn't an invitation to explore the thread work on my panties.

It's a lot of hate, which will probably subside once I get myself a cup of coffee.

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