Sunday, August 1, 2004

Containing One's Shit

McG made an appearance this weekend and for part of the Let me show you all my favorite places in A-Town tour, we did dinner and a movie at the AlamoDraftHouse. The dinner: Pizza. The movie: The Village.

I love scary movies, but I rarely see them. Mainly because I have three conditions that have to be met: 1) It's not before bed time, 2) I don't sleep alone and 3) I get to hold someone's hand through out the movie. I should also add: Grown people cannot scream during the movie.

For the Love of all that is Christian, McG was seated next to some psychotic girl who's idea of displaying utter cuteness and gaining her honey's chivalous comforting touch was to shriek with all the might of her bagpipes during the moderately scary scenes. Twice. This is where I become SuperAsianClam - with my super hero power to shut people the fu*k up.

The movie was scary, not as scary as the last scary movie I saw with McG that turned my tummie inside out to the point that I had to take it out and put it in a wash and rinse cycle with a bottle of pepto-bismol, but it was good scary. The screaming lady nearly made me lose my poo. Mostly because she ruined the 'vibe' as McG so delicately put it. I wonder if her boyfriend was as embarrased for her as I was. I hope so. Cause that would suck. For her.

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