Tuesday, August 24, 2004

2 weeks in 20 seconds.. or less.

I haven't written in two weeks... mainly because I didn't have a way to post for two weeks. One week was me being busy. Another week was me being in a hotel that was uber more expensive than the last one and didn't have wireless goodness to blog with. The change of hotels came about after one morning waking up to a tumor underneath the lightswitch to the kitchen and coming home to a stew pot full of water in the bathroom - the upstairs unit was leaking. Then there was this thing with the last week of work and me wrapping up all the crazy stuff that I started and got shuffled into. Then there was me with this obsession with a doggie. Then there was the news that I would be one man down in the next big school event. Turned out to be I was two men down. Which ended up with me being up till midnight the night after the big event and only getting home at 9:30 tonight.

The good stuff: I met Ringo. Ringo rocks. I love Ringo. I had an 'adventure' shall we say... in A-town. And I made it back to Buttocks in one piece... though quickly shattered into several after only sleeping a total of an hour in two days.

All in all not bad, though I am sure I've secured myself a nice comfy spot in Hell. Eh. What's new.

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