Thursday, July 29, 2004

There once was a man named Bubba

I spent the last two days in a nice little spot of Texas named Matagorda. As part of my work experience, I get to travel the area owned by this wonderous firm for which I work and see what all it is that they do. I met a new friend who has adopted a new name: JimBob. She's never met someone named Bubba and was very intrigued by the name. So much so, she now calls me Bubba. Aside from the interesting people, there were a whole lotta photo ops and new wildlife to see. We ate lunch across the river from some ferrel hogs, saw a ribbon snake cross the road, saw another snake being eaten by birds (think Nemo and the birds saying "Mine Mine Mine!"), a dead shark, and blue crabs. Yes, I'll post pictures - when I'm not so lazy.

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