Tuesday, July 6, 2004

So how was your fourth?

Mine kick'd a little bit o' ass!! All I really wanted was to play in the water. Sea water - not crappy chlorinated water - sea water. And I did, and it was good. So good that I had to be pulled from the water!! Sure the beach wasn't that pretty, but it was the beach. The last bit of beach I'm gonna see before hitting SCP again. The trip down was thankfully uneventful and it was good to see the sun out for once 'cause it had been raining for weeks. Got to stay with Judy n'Allen and the kitties and drink yummy drinks: crackIceTea®, crackLemonade®, and TawnyPort. Judy's famous family came over and we got to interact and chow down on some bbq and tell funnies. Got to see fireworks at one of their friend's place, eat 3 lbs of shrimp, watch Allen shake his groove thing, watch Mike attempting to do the same. The drive back was interesting, I learned that off-roading from a stopped freeway to the service road is a ticketable offense, not a good thing.

So here are a few pictures from my adventures...

Judy's family

Me and the water (galveston's always this dirty, lots more sand yuckies this time though)

The firework finale (don't ask why I turned the camera over, even I don't know)

Other requested videos of Allen and Mike and that Itty Bitty Bike

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