Monday, July 19, 2004

one of those days where the world makes a poo poo on your head and there's nothing you can do about it

i just wanted it to be like any other saturday. one where i take the roomie to another cool only in this town kinda thing and we have bubble tea, do some shopping and all is good. but no. oh no.

the store i was looking for isn't there anymore. not only did i not find it. i twisted my foot and now i have a huge ugly gash from my sandals. this was followed by us being harrassed by CrazyDemocratGimmieYourMoneyMan. i tried telling him i was a poor non-citizen student... he said $5 would help. $5 can buy me a damn good plate of migas, freak. decided hey, why not hit up a bubble tea place, cause anything with bubbles and tea has to be happy. unless it was today and it was me. girl behind the counter asks me what i want... i said i'll have the same thing i had yesterday: mango-coconut with pearls and leechees. she asks me how to make it. grr. this goes on for a while so i said forget it. gimmie a bubble tea with mango. she asks if i want a "schmoodie or shrushie". no that's really how she says it. in her broken anime character english which begins to grate on my nerves. and she asks me this atleast 4 more times. what's the difference i ask. "ones a schmoodie, ones a shrushie". grr. you see how my patience wears thin. apparently they're both made in a blender, both have ice, and the only difference is in her empty head. alas we get two mango slushies, and mine is served not quite full and in a plastic cup with a huge crack down the center and the goodness gushes out. considering i was charged a dollar more than yesterday for the same thing and she took her time remaking my bubble tea, i was remarkably proud of myself for not strangling her with the hello kitty purse in the display case. we walk out of the bubble tea place only to find my car had been towed.. to canadia.. by the chinese people next door.. who acted like they didn't speak english until i threatened used of a lawyer.. something about "dis ee our paah-kin lot, you no eat here, you no paaaahk. sign say".. what the sign says is not to park "here" where the sign is. and i parked in a clearly unmarked lot. how do i know, i took a picture of it. i also took a picture of the guy taking down the sign to put in the spot where i had parked. asss-hoooo. $130 and hours later, we come to find that this is a regular scam of these chinese food people who have no other business than to tow cars belonging to those who drink bubble tea. no matter, i have a good lawyer, and i was going to go shopping anyway by golly. and everywhere we went, there were asian help staff. and it went like this.. this is me, perusing the shiny pretty things...."are you ready to check out yet?" .. and i was no where near the register. dood. still looking here.. see me not in line. yeah. so you think it stops here? oh no. we go home.. its 9:30.. our hotel keys don't work. fine. wait till the help comes and rekeys the keys... get into the room.. and we're infested with creepy crawly things with wings.. go back to the help and get keys to a different room in which to sleep. well that should be okay, right? sleep is good right? cause tomorrow i autocross right? no. why not? cause dumb ass "forgot" to tell me that he can't bring the car. Trebek says the answer is: "what's the fastest way to piss off Hieu!" That's right friends. We have a winner.

that was Saturday. i survived Sunday. today though, today I came home to my brand new sandals chewed to bits by Sir Vicious Vi. don't worry yet, he's still alive.

to top it off, thanks to the wonderful combination of my reCOCKulously big mouth, giving nature, and trusting heart... the money I hoped to save this summer so I could eat for two more semesters, shot to freaking hell. doesn't help that i extended my lease back home, i can't afford it now. anybody want a sandal eating cat for $500?

i'm having a bad few days. i know i'm not the only one either.. but really, i could be left alone for a good while, thanks.

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