Friday, July 2, 2004

no name entry

i appologize in advance for this post not going anywhere and actually having a point. proceed at your own risk of annoyance.

couple of days ago, i got an email from a friend who suggested that i find myself a sugar daddy. i don't need a sugar daddy. i don't need anything really. i have everything i need and nothing i don't - thankfully. that's not to say i don't *want* anything... goodness knows i want my fair share of converibles - blue in color, tall blonde buckets of love, and a puppy... but i am happy with what i have and couldn't be more so. it makes me sad that people would think that i needed something like a sugar daddy. hee. they need coolness like me.

so yesterday i got to crawl around in a boiler... for those of you who were not blessed with thermo-goodness, see this. it was crazy warm in there and the hole we crawled in was only as wide as my hips (yes i know i have hips, but it wasn't that big). it was neato to see where all the heat comes from to make the steam that runs the power plant, but i have to admit there was a point in time in which i felt as if i could be mistakenly sealed inside of this thing and be baked schinders list style. not a good feeling i assure you. the drive was beautiful and if it were possible to snap photoquality pictures of the scenery while enjoying the roads, i would have. so ya'll have to take my word for it.

and today... today i was side-creamed by a ford F150XL sport truck. needless to say the truck won. my camery lost a turnsignal. a clean break but a break nonetheless. the guy was nice about it, admitted fault, gave me info.. goodstuff like that. but i wasn't happy. it just kinda went along with my day which was kinda good, mostly unnerving. work was good though the piping carrying the motivation juices in my brain were cut off. there was the truck thing, and then there was much aggrivation dealing with weekend plans. not really caring to much about others at the end of the day i chose to be selfish and make it all about me, cause damn it, i deserve to be girly once in a while. not a quality i'm particularly proud of but it relieves a lot of stress.

i learned something about myself too. i do better when i'm me. you say 'well duh' but you have to understand, i've been not-me (not-hieu = not-you = funny haa haa get it?) for a long time. mostly dealing with issues the way others deal with issues (guilt trips and mind games). and lately, i've been myself in dealing with touchy feely people, ignorant folk, things that bother me and my pet peeve pushing people... and i have to say, i'm doing pretty darn good with the extremely lowered stress level. To commorate my new found stresslessness, I aquired this cute happy bunny pin:

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