Saturday, July 17, 2004

hieu's garage of the future


I thought I'd build and price me one of these babies since I've been blessed to have been given the chance to drive one... I wonder how many magic genie - 'god if you really love me you'd do this for me' points I used up. I love this color, metallic basalt black I believe it's called... and I picked wheels, for some reason they didn't show up.. So this'll be my baby uno. 


  And at the great suggestion of the GT3 owner, I will also own one of these babies, in this the very sexy Crystal Gray Metallic. The blue on the inside matches the blue in my wardrobe, good stuff. Plus, hot guys drive this car... I've seen them... So that would automatically make me hot right? Yes, I believe so. And so we have baby deux.



And yeah, that makes a lotta grey cars in the house, but this Titanium Grey will match my grey Frooty laptop that I will also get one day soon. And this makes tres. Hee hee heeeee. Giddy.

Now if I only had a guy to share this all with... Maybe I should start taking applications. Feel free to apply. Email a resume slash picture to me at my domain and we'll just go from there okay? Let it be noted I will have to check driving records ;-)

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Anonymous said...

We have 4 interesting cars at my house (two in the garage, two in the driveway, all operable) can you guess what they are?

I give you some hints

1 american that was around when you lived in Mobile, 2 japanese, (1 assembled in canada and the other 100% japanese) and 1 german.