Sunday, July 25, 2004

Asian Clams and Rabbit Pate

Finally got some camping in this summer. The Camping-Guru got us all set up at one of my favorite sites ever. He also asked that we pick up a few items on our way out. Well, you say, who doesn't ask for a few items from civilization... I ask you, who do *you* know requests country rabbit pate, brie, two crusty baggettes, water crackers, and nekkid almonds for a weekend among asian clams. Yeah, it was a little froo-froo, but we added to the frooness with chocolate covered coffee beans, six bottles of wine, and other assorted chocolate covered goodies. All kinds of goodness. We were missing the LesbianTechnology(TM): portable AC units, CoverTheWorld Tarps, Deep Fryers with assorted battered fish fillets, but it was fun all around.


  • I shared an airmattress with two men.
  • I got to swim in water. Real water. In moonlight.
  • I wore a pink tiger stripped sarong - courtesy of the Party-Guru
  • I left without any major scratches or bruises.

When I'm caught up with the rest of my life, I'll post pictures.

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