Wednesday, June 16, 2004

In search of the digital part of my brain....

Back in 1999 when a cute little Palm spinoff was hitting the market, I waited online with my plastic waiting to buy my very first pda. The day came and I was customer #26 and I got an ice blue handspring visor deluxe. Woo hooo!! Here it is 5 years later, and it's cracked, bruised, still kicking and showing off... but it's getting blind in it's old age. The graffiti pad isn't picking up like it's used to. Sometimes it doesn't see me tapping on the little icons and it's eating way too many batteries when it's just sitting there. And I had to retire him to the accessory pocket of my laptop bag, le sigh.

And so today, I went shopping for the one that would be a darn spiffy replacement: a Clie by Sony with wireless goodness among other things. The shopping incident was horrible, no one had the one I wanted, I had to special order deliver it from some far off Texas town and they couldn't guarantee that it would even get to me. I was given a replacement without the goodness to tide me over until it arrived, but I couldn't wait. 50+ miles and hours of phone shopping later, I finally found it and I can't put it down!!

Check out the pictures this thing takes:

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