Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Happy Heart

Somewhere in the middle of dragging my poor grey cells through school and dealing with family crisises I found some really neat people to have a good time with. I love these people, (you know who you are). When I'm with them, I forget about the bad stuff and everything else is automatically good. It made me think of another person I knew many many years ago.

He showed up one day at work - a new person. He seemed arrogant to me. Cute, but arrogant. Found out that he had a girl that he adored (in that way all women want to be adored by their men), got his degree in Explosives or something extremely interesting like that, and knew a hell of a lot of important people. He drove a really neat car, had an amazing set of eyes, and a yummy voice. He always made me laugh and always had nice things to say about me - even if I didn't believe them myself, they sounded great. He was always looking out for me and my best interests. He was always trying to help me find things that made me happy. He became one of the better friends I've ever had and I grew to respect him. I learned a lot from him and wished like hell I could find me a guy just like him for keeps. So yeah, I had a huge crush on this guy. My second biggest crush ever, the first one being in 3rd grade. Given the chance, I could never date this guy. He was waaaaay too cool and waaaay too awesome to want to have *me* around for any length of time. I was totally not worthy. We ended up not being friends because I did something stupid and chose to take the yellow belly'd way out of a situation and it pissed him off - and that wasn't a good thing.

So I looked him up tonight some eight years later. Wanted to see what he was up to with out having to actually say 'hello'. Thanks to google, looks like he's got himself another badd ass car, badd ass jobby job, and a badd ass woman worthy of his own badd ass-ness. And it warmed me all over inside that I just might get teary eyed. I like knowing that people get what they deserve, gives me hope that good things still happen. And if I ever ran into him again, I'd say 'congratulations' and 'thank you' and 'you win, you were right'.

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