Sunday, June 20, 2004

AutoX @ the Tx Motor Speedway

The course was *inside* TMS this time on the inner oval - very much with the awesomeness! For the love of the sport, my sleepy head drove up to watch, essentially, as I was guaranteed to be less than participating. There was much goodness as the Gods of AutoX blessed me with awesome friends and the opportunity to drive an '87 MR-2, wooo hooo!! Not to shabby for an $800 car... The experience came complete with a few minutes of my favorite scene from Kill Bill Vol. 1 on a screen in the dash. (The system cost more than the car!)

As with the last AutoX, there was much drama, this time - not so much annoying to me as it was everyone else. Some hotshot in a Camero over-accellerated, spun off the course, and took out one of his rear fenders on the steel wall and almost took out a course worker! Then it was my turn... I spun out in the MR-2, 'froaded, and nearly took out a worker! (::giggle::)

I didn't do too badly. I beat Jason in his own car by atleast two seconds + his cones. :-)

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