Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Orientation for the jobby job was today. Lots of powerpoint slides and talking in a very very cold room supplied with decaf coffee. Other than the obvious sleep inducing typical orientation day stuff, it was good. I learned that Texas A&M supplies us with some high-quality interns. I'm talking intelligent, HOT, personable, HOT, goal oriented, HOT, and well dressed (which equals HOT).

Other than that, I learned a lot of good stuff about theCompany and did some more research on the reports I'm going to have to write. Found out yesterday I have a free gym membership because of where I'm living. I get to go swimming in chlorinated water and run around a miniature airconditioned track in front of people who are a lot more fit than me! Woo hoo! And I will too. I need to work off all the dorm and denny's food I ate the last few weeks of school.

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