Friday, May 28, 2004

My nightmare is coming true

....those were the last words of the song I heard in my car before I ran upstairs. The poor cd of amalgamated offspring songs has been cycling over and over on my short drive to/from work, but I can't bring myself to stick in something else. It's the one CD, that'll get me through rush-hour alive. So this my second friday at the jobby job, lovin it! Getting the hang finally of these 'work' lunches where I get to eat well and properly in front of important people. Today we lunched at Lucy's Boatyard, crab cake sandwhich was good - but I'm not sure my tummy fully appreciated it.

Whatchu all doin' for the long weekend? Me? I'm going to get some paper work done t'nite, workout, sleep, and then trek back to the parental unit abode. I got invited to a BBQ with person and said person's HS friends - not too sure about that, the HS friends part at least... HS wasn't the best of memories for me. I need to catch up with MissGarland and chit chat with her. I'd like to catch up with other peeps too, but they're all playing hide and go slap thy self.

Ooh, and I found myself some invisible playing cards! Roomie taught me this 'thing' you can do with a deck of cards to see what's up with the person in your life. And I knooooow it sounds goofy, but it's fun to do between deciding to work out and actually going to work out. Plus I get to play and see if this cute guy I have a crush on likes me too. //giggle!// And so far so good, cute guy likes me too!

Back to reality now kids... I have stuff to do and dinner to eat.

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