Friday, May 7, 2004

Late night in the Math Building

Sometimes we head to the math bulding to make use of their not-so-crappy chalkboards. It's airconditioned, they don't lock up the rooms, and there's an abundance of yellow and white chalk. Good stuff for hashing out psychometric chart problems. The math building also provides other kinds of fun activities. At one point between homework problems we took a hiatus and compared the gross smellingness of the girls and boys restrooms. The guys think the guys room smells worse, the whole 10+ years of urine in the grout and all. I think the girls room smells worse, cause not only is it urine, but its a whole host of other juicy bits that don't make it to their designated flushable spots. And so we did a walk-in, deep breath, comparison. Conclusion: Both rooms smell equally rank.

Stephen got hungry after a while and made the announcement that he wanted to eat Thai food - specifically Coochie. Wow, just what I was thinking... yeah, no. Turns out he wanted Choochai. Which is actually a local Thai restaurant. He must have the same word association issue I have (persona non gratis = potatoes au gratin). That went well, thought now I will always have issues with going to Choochai for food. A shame really, it's a good place to eat.

The final break of the evening covered topics such as "leaving poo in the toilet to piss off your roomate" and "how is it that guys pee in different directions after sex". Both, I assure you, my dear readers, were very informative. I don't miss my dorm days one bit and I've learned soo much more about the male anatomy and the accompaning issues than I care to really know.

I guess a night of grossness balances out the previous night in the library where 'Sisco and I reviewed Shafts, Bore Diameters, and talked about regulating Head Pressures.

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