Thursday, May 6, 2004

The Good, the Bad, the Random

I've almost forgotten I had this great place to voice my inner most expletives.

Finals have started. I've knocked one out of the way... more like it knocked me out. I wonder if there is a god of 0.5 lead and green graph paper that can help me out. Like the gremlin in my high school text books that would change words in the book in the middle of the night so when you went to point them out to the teacher, you were still wrong. Yeah. Except this god of engineering homework paraphernalia would help me out. Maybe.

I have another one tomorrow. May the gods of psychrometric charts love me too.

The past week's been of the horrid nature. I've suffered some serious nerve racking pain of the physical and mental sort. For one, walking around internally fractured and sprained from boney asses that fell from the sky is a painful thing. Note to self, front and center of stage at an Offspring concert may not be the best activity the week before finals. Murphy's law applies when possible. Then there was the tear shedding, estrogen-inbalanced, biotch that just had to make last week even more cumbersome with her "it's not fair" routine employed by 4 and 5 year old worldwide. I could go on, but I won't get anything done today, so bottom line: Booya. I win you lose. And it feels good.

Other good things in the news... I've rearranged my habits and living quarters to accomodate one of mah peeps. Kinda neat having someone around for a change. I get random blended goodnesses. Mr. Vi has new hands to get lovin from. And he takes advantage. My fridge now has enough carbs to roll poor Adkins in his grave, and my liver is thanking me too (not really). And I have a SummaJobTM.

Other random things... Po'theed® stopped by yesterday to check on me. Hadn't seen him in what, over a month? Employee-of-LateNight-EateryTM hit on me and gave me a stuffed dog in a banana costume. My undies are pink and have a kitty cut-outs. I'm wearing my ChainSmokingMonkey shirt. I think want a cigarette.

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