Thursday, May 27, 2004

Dood.. doood...

So millions of american peoples got on their phones and dialed in a single teen aged mother as their singing idol. With a voice that sounds like a Macy Gray slash Aretha Franklin, she won over peoples with nothing but time on their hands and fingers on the redial button. Not hours later, the radio stations were reading letters from disgruntled fans saying how it was tragic that america's IDOL was a single teenage mother. Is the show promoting unprotected sex? They booted some chick who posed nekkid and a guy with a DUI, but they don't boot the single mother? But see, that's the beauty that is america. Only in america would someone with a kid and a unique voice could become an idol. Only in america can sex offenders walk among school children. Only in america can intelligent and gifted longlegged white boys be denied scholarships because of their color. Only in america can 3 months of painful plastic surgery followed with a pagent define the 'american dream'.

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