Saturday, May 22, 2004

Darn words.

My first Friday at work, not so bad. In fact, pretty darn good considering I really wanted to just go home and pay back some of the sleep deficit I accumulated last semester. I still can't get over that the name of my building at work shares the name of a certain ToxicMullet I go to school with. Speaking of names, I found out that when people came up to me and said "Hi Hi", that they weren't being cute repeating themselves.. cause grown ups don't do that.. they actually thought my name was Hi. It's almost as bad as the ones thinking my first name is Who-when and address me as such. I'm coming in on Tuesday with a "Hello my name is.. Hi Hi" tag.

DJJammies and I sat around drinkin beer and pear tea and I rediscovered a great word "Bo-hemuth". A good word.

Ooh, and did groceries today, which normally isn't soo cool, but i found some REALLY goood stuff. They now have this great GrassJellyDrink which tastes a lot like Boba tea but w/o the milky goodness. The GrassJellyDrink have these awesome bits of jelly that DJJammies calls 'Nekkid Jelly Beans'! Good Stuff!! Then I found some yummy trail mix, cause that stuffs the best and they don't have it in Lubbock!

And to top it off, I followed a pearly white STI home. It would normally not make a difference, but *somebody* got me addicted to them :-)

Alrighty peoples, enjoy your weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, cut the old people a break. The wife has a classmate "Hi". That's why I repeated your name back 3 times when we met. I kept thinking isn't that how "Hi" spells her name? Girl has a Southern dialect, I'm sure I understand Southern. Eventually accepted that you probably knew how to pronounce your own name. BTW, sorry if I called you "Hi". Mark T.