Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Crazy British Lady

JobbyJob took the newHires on a plant trip t'day. Our little leader lady was a british marm of the British Comedy genre, just not so with the funny. In fact she pretty much annoyed me first off with refering to the mysterious name on her paper (and on the name tag right in front of her gracious slapped on my left boobie) as "the Chap". "Where's the chap that was with you guys yesterday?", she asks. This goes on for a while before she decides to attempt to say the name and it occurs to me that oh, she meant me. It's like flash back of grade school all over again.


Anonymous said...

Okay.. Okay.. Old people been screwing up your name since before you can remember. You now have my permission to be pissy with old people (on this topic only). Mark T.

Tygriss said...

eeeh, i'm not being pissy. i'm making fun of the crazy people who don't bother to learn my name. and i'm entitled. :-P