Tuesday, April 13, 2004

The Swan

I watched TV today. I turned on and was enamored by this show called TheSwan. This is where they take oridinary looking people harboring deep issues with their appearance and "gift" them with a full body makeover complete with counseling. These contestants are then either given a chance at a beauty pagent title or sent home with their newly re-created body. I watched this show and I was sad. These girls are beautiful in their own way - they have no idea. One survived military training and is raising a beautiful daugher. I know a lot of people do this, but since I'm not one of them, it's pretty amazing to me. The other girl was married to an awesome guy who loved her for how she was. Crap, I don't even have a guy, so again I am amazed. These poor girls don't need plastic surgery. These girls need the couseling maybe, something ELSE to show them that they're much better than the rest of the people out there no matter how they look. Anyone can be "pretty" if they had the right makeup artist.... one without a scalpel. I know I'm contantly hating my life and feeling sorry for myself. I'm old and no where near as annoyingly bubbly as the other bimbo's out there...But I know for darn sure, come a Friday night, and the weather is nice, I can throw me on a pair of flare jeans and a tight top, paint up my face, throw on a stylish cap and strut my stuff with the best of them. Come Saturday afternoon, I roll out of bed into my sweats like usual :-) ain't no shame in that.

The winner tonight was soo happy to be living the "american dream". I'mma be barfin if the "american dream" means one needs to look like real live anime.

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