Tuesday, April 20, 2004


A non-carfriendly post:

I don't watch a lot of tv. I choose not to because many of the commercials annoy me. In particular, the texanbeloved Hemi commericals. "ThatthanggottaHemi?" Only on tv in texas would you have an unshavened sunweathered driver of size in a sleevless shirt and pro-mullet sluring these words together to deliver the punchline for a commercial. Then there's the one where the dad is perturbed that the mom is pointing out the dvd player and teaches the kid to say "Hemi" instead. Because it's just that important. How about teaching the kid to be a generous, hardworking, mama-loving, boy that'll stay away from dangerous drugs and bad women?

I'm sure the hemispherical combustion chamber and inline intake-exaust valves are way cool, but to me they will always suck because their name has a sound that's just as bad as dip spit hitting the side of a can.

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