Wednesday, April 21, 2004


One of the blogs I read daily had this to say about love. It describes pretty much how I look at love. I think I fall in the category of "punch in the throat" love. The good ones always seem to start out that way. So far they've also ended up with a lot of "i want to play speedbump" pain.

I love a lot of things: my first car, the car i have now, my kitty-bucket-o-love, my feesh, my soon to be adopted snakes. Most of all I think, I love those of my friends who put up with me no matter what. There are only about 3 of them if I'm generous with the counting. Three really good friends that I really love. I'm pretty hard to get a long with... more like deal with. In fact, I don't think I could even be my friend. Well, maybe I could, but people witnessing that in action would be appalled.

Back to the love thing, I love my friends and my ViDawg Mr. Vi Purrnator. If I ever found that perfect man, I'd love him too.

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