Friday, April 23, 2004

The List of Spiff 2004 Edition

or better known as the events of the badd ass last weekend that came out of nowhere and slapped me happy....

* the sight of Lubbock in the rear view mirror

* the sight of trees better known as "not tall bushes"

* hours upon hours of really good music from really good speakers on a really long drive

* the Main Street Arts Festival

* riding with the WRX crew through night-time metroPlex traffic, bustin swaybars and drunk drivers

* feelin the wind in my hair riding shotgun and watching the lights of the downtown skyline

* Breakfast for Breakfast... if you only knew how novel this was for me...

* Spicy Popcorn Chicken Goodness and Boba Tea and Really Fat Fat Straws

* Blue and Red Hair Dye and Sparklies

* Cafe Brazil's crepes

* Deep Ellum

* Bowling For Soup, and a string of other bands that played in Deep Ellum - my first set of concerts/live music in y e a r s.

* Waking up just in time to go Autocrossing and being so wow'd on the first run that I was unable to hit the darn record button.

* More Spicy Popcorn Chicken and Boba Tea

* My very first ride in a WRX

* The Genuine Smile on Kracker's face

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